Thursday, December 13, 2018
Sales Automation & Quoting

 GoldMine is an award-winning CRM solution which is scalable from single users up to multi-national corporations.

It includes the following solutions in its suite of products:

GoldMine® Corporate Edition  - GoldMine Corporate Edition is ideal for small, medium, and large enterprises. GoldSync is build into GoldMine Corporate Edition. GoldMine Corporate Edition is the base for iGoldMine, and Integration Services for Microsoft Exchange. 

GoldMine® Premium Edition - GoldMine Premium Edition incorporates a new look and feel for GoldMine as well as additional functionality. You can now track your service calls directly within GoldMine, and link the results to the built-in knowledgebase.

iGoldMine™  and iGoldMine™ Plus  - Give you real-time access to your GoldMine database over the internet. Keep your data in-house, with the convenience of web access for all your remote users.

GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Outlook®   - Gives you a complete view and history of email correspondence for contacts shared by GoldMine and Outlook. Share information with Outlook users who do not use GoldMine.

GoldMine® Integration Services for Microsoft® Exchange Server - Bridge the gap between your Microsoft Exchange Servers and your GoldMine Servers. For GoldMine Corporate Edition users, GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Exchange Server links these two applications, so that calendar information can be shared between GoldMine and Microsoft Exchange.

GoldMine® Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks - GoldMine Plus Accounting displays your contact's credit limit, balance and terms, putting critical data at your fingertips that will help you to close a deal. It also ensures consistent contact information between QuickBooks and GoldMine.

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